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Gloria Shepherd has done her homework here in reconstructing Jones' often tragic life -- from his abusive childhood to his life on the streets, through his mentoring and creation of the 'world's greatest rock and roll band'.

If nothing else, Shepherd makes a convincing case of how important a rock and roll pioneer Brian Jones was and how, without him, there would never have been a Rolling Stones. - Vintage Rock Magazine


Gloria Shepherd's Brian Jones Straight From The Heart: The Rolling Stones Murder leads us into the betrayal-filled life of Brian Jones, brilliantly shining light on the truth so many wish to hide by any means necessary. Brian Jones, the founding member of The Rolling Stones, possessed a real musical talent unlike anything the world will ever see. Taken long before his time, Brian was betrayed by those closest to him, motivated by jealousy and a deep-seated fear of his musical talents. This story is a truly brave and insightful piece of literature that shows the depth of deceit and egregious misrepresentation of one of history's greatest Rock & Roll legends. I was stunned by each new truth laid bare, as Gloria Shepherd creates a window into the past!
Betrayal was a part of Brian Jones' life from a young age, but he found solace in his musical genius. Destined for greatness, Brian changed the world and the face of music forever. The road to fame, however, is often paved in treachery and deceit littered with false, self-serving friends and naysayers, some of whom carry the most significant responsibility for his tragic death. By the young age of sixteen, Brian was forced into a life of prostitution having survived incest and homelessness. Through all he triumphed, creating a legend that will live on through the ages.
Brian Jones created The Rolling Stones. His boundless imagination, combined with unprecedented talent and alluring sexuality, led him to pick, teach, and even name the band resulting in their everlasting stardom. Creative differences led the creator to part ways with his bandmates, taking only his musical genius and the band's name with him. Less than one month later his death would begin the labyrinth of lies and cover-ups that started with a half-attempted police investigation. His conspirators live the life Brian Jones never had the chance to.
Brian Jones speaks through Gloria Shepherd, revealing decades of deceit masking the horrible truth behind his murder. Ms. Shepherd delivers an astounding work of nonfiction. As I turned the pages, I felt as if Brian were speaking to me, relinquishing his tale of sorrow, greatness, and ultimate demise that will electrify all readers. This wonderfully talented author has genuinely created a vivid portrayal, enhanced by rarely seen photographs of Brian Jones throughout his life.
She has demonstrated that she is a magnificent writer, and her masterfully crafted work retells the beautiful yet tragic life of one of music's greatest talents. Gloria Shepherd is a remarkable author and spares no expense in detail, while reconstructing the gritty truth, bringing Brian Jones to life. She is an unmatched author whose work should not be missed!
This biography is a heartfelt piece of literature that will entice any reader. I was enthralled from the beginning, captivated by the provocative narrative Ms. Shepherd has elegantly woven together, shedding light on a long-kept secret. The Rolling Stones Murder stands as a true testament to Brian Jones and his unique talent, as the story unravels the tangled web of lies surrounding his murder. Gloria Shepherd has created a masterpiece of literature that is as entertaining as it is informative.
It can be difficult at times to find an informative book that engages readers through 'til the very end, but Gloria Shepherd has done this and so much more, creating an experience we can never forget. Brian Jones' tale is a superior work of nonfiction, and I proudly and without reservation award Gloria Shepherd five stars! -

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